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Made in the 80's

Made in the 80's

If you thought active wear was the invention of the naughties, you didn’t live through the eighties!  

That decade saw a boom in aerobic classes, tighty-tight Aerobic gear and leg warmers, head bands and big hair.  In fact everything about the 80’s was big.  Shoulder pads, big belts, big flowing dresses and big earrings.

If you know who ‘fatso’ is, were there when Scott and Charlene were married, rode a BMX, had spokey dokeys on your bike or remember the days when you could sit down as a family and watch some great television, the 80’s is going to be close to your heart.

The 80’s saw a heap of great family shows start like Home and Away, Young Talent Time, A Country Practice, even Hey Hey it’s Saturday and on the radio the emergence of synth pop, rock and more big hair.

Prince, Madonna, Martika, Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson and groups like Wa Wa Nee, Aha, Roxy Music all influenced our daily life in the 80’s.  Get your dose of great memories with “Made in the 80’s” from 7pm Friday nights on the Breeze.

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