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The Art of Creating Charcuterie


The art of creating your own charcuterie board

 Even if you have absolutely no artist ability whatsoever, anyone can put together a beautiful charcuterie board like a pro! 

Remember, even if it doesn't look like the boards in the pictures, in a few minutes your guests will be making their own impressions and all that effort at layout will be forgotten.  A successful charcuterie board is in the eating.

 1. START WITH THE LARGEST ITEM - This maybe a block of cheese, a coil of sausage or bread. On a long rectangular board or a circular board, place it at top left hand corner.  If you are using a square board you can use the same position or start just off  centre.  If your bread is your largest item, just use a few pieces and put the rest in a basket off the board. You don’t want to take up all the room with breadsticks (unless you have a very big table size board!)

2. THE LAYOUT - If you are working with a long board, create a “S” wave from the top corner using the next largest elements. On a square board, work from top corner to bottom corner and on a circular board, follow the curve around for best use of space.

 3. CREATE SOME HEIGHT - To stop your board looking like a jumble, make sure you create the impression of height.  You could do this with cheese block (create a block stack) or layered breadsticks

 4. MIX IT UP - It can be easy to fall into the trap of putting cheese in that corner, meats in this corner and your pate in the other, but with a little bit of effort you can mix up your ingredients and keep the surprises coming.  Avoid Meat, Cheese, Pickles, Meat, Cheese, pickles as you are going to get the same look along the board.

 5. WORK FROM THE BIGGEST TO THE SMALLEST – Once you have made your first sweep of the board then take your remaining ingredients and scatter along the design.  If you are following the “meat, cheese, pate” design, then place your pate or dip after the first repeat and scatter crackers, then some loose pickled vegetables.  Try some pickled walnuts and for a fresh look, scatter pomegranate seeds and sprigs of parsley or basil.  Finally lightly drizzle some olive oil and some cracked pepper on the plate. 


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