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Coca Cola Yo-Yo


Bring back the Coca Cola Yo-yos

Like most things, when you look back the memories are always bigger and brighter than the actual event. 

So maybe my memories of great school days, friends and the games we played are much better than they actually were.  So maybe we shouldn't bring back the yo-yo? 

In the 60’s and 70’s in Australia, Coca Cola reps would visit schools selling Coca Cola yo-yos and if you were lucky enough you could win one. Then with our mouth wide open in astonishment we would watch the visiting yo-yo expert spin out some super-dooper tricks like, the Eiffel Tower, round the world, rock the baby and walk the dog. Of course as the years went by, the tricks became more involved and beyond the ability of most kids.

Me, I managed most of the early tricks and can still pick up a yo-yo and automatically my hands will start grabbing the strings in all the right places. Right? Wrong. Yes, I can manage a walk the dog or rock the baby after some practice, but what it does do, albeit just briefly, is transport me back to the gymnasium in primary school sitting in amazement with my classmates while the Coca Cola people performed their magic.

James Cockington writing in the Sydney Morning Herald recently recalled that “the Australian connection began with a Coca-Cola promotion in 1958. The first Australian-released Coca-Cola yo-yos are known as the Duncan Sprite Boy, after the design on one side. It sold for three shillings and nine pence at the time (with six marked bottle tops).

Those yo-yos are reportedly now worth in the hundreds, so it might be worth spending a rainy day rummaging around in your toy box for that elusive yo-yo from your youth. 


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