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Pikachu is back?

So over the last week, you’re kids have finally got out of the house. After years of yelling at them to get off the phone, off the computer, off the TV, they now seem to have got the idea.

Well, no.  The company who developed Pokemon Go, Niantic has created a game that makes your kid’s virtual reality into reality. If you are struggling to get your head around it, download the APP and try it out yourself. As part of Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary, (Yes, it’s been that long)  Pokémon GO, has arrived and is expected to become one of the highest grossing mobile games ever. 

While there’s the knockers who say that the game is creating a bigger divide between generations, there’s those who admit the game does have it’s benefits. People every where are getting off their backsides and actually walking to find Pokemon in their neighbourhood. One friend of my son, actually walked 20 kilometres the other day to find and catch his Pokemon.

My daughter, finding ‘Jigglypuff’ on her bed, was incentivised to get out of her messy bedroom and find more of ‘Jigglepuff’s’ friends. She and her friend, walked the local area for an hour looking for more Pokemon. Local Pokemon fanatics are creating groups and organising walks in major cities and soon, we’ll see this happen in regional areas too.

So, despite the fact that they are looking at their world through a camera (on their phone) and seeing little characters pop up, next time you see someone wave their arm in the air erratically, they are probably just throwing their Pokeball to catch a Pokemon!

Here’s three good reasons to let your child play Pokemon GO

1. It gets them out of the house and walking
2. It helps them to socialise.  They start to take part in organised group walks  
and meetings
3. It promotes local sites (some they may never have heard of before)

Just a word of warning.  The game is free to play, but watch the amount of micro-transactions you child makes, like buying Pokeballs to catch Pokemon with.

Otherwise, happy hunting!

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